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Uni-Chem® Composite Hose
Uni-Chem® Composite Hose
Composite Petro-Chemical Hose
For use in petroleum, chemical and oil transfer, petrochemical vapor recovery, all loading arms in bottom loading operations, as well as tank truck delivery.
Novaflex’s flexible and lightweight liquid transfer and bottom loading composite hose offer optimum chemical resistance to aggressive media.

Composite hose is available in a complete range of advanced films and fabrics to meet all hose requirements,  with externally crimped dry seal fittings  in diameters from 1" to 10".

Brands: Uni-chem

Biodiesel and Ethanol Service

Uni-Chem Composite Bio-Fuel Hose. Handles all grades of Biodiesel

Bottom Loading Service

Uni-Chem Composite Hose for Petroleum Transfer, Loading Arms

High Temperature

Uni-Chem's Uni-FLON™ and Uni-OIL™ high temperature composite hoses

Pump-Flex Composite

Novaflex Pump-Flex™ Composite Hose. Excellent for the transfer of water, light chemicals and petroleum products.

Standard Chemical Service

Uni-Chem's Standard Chemical Service is specifically designed for in-plant transfer operations as well as tan truck delivery and rail car loading.

Special Chemical Service

Uni-FLON™ Special Chemical Service hoses are constructed to meet the demands of highly aggressive chemicals.

Standard Petroleum Service

Uni-OIL™ Standard Petroleum Service are designed for the transfer of a wide range of petroleum products.

Special Petroleum Service

Uni-ZENE™ Special Service Petroleum hoses are designed to handle gasoline additives such as MTBE, ethanol and 100% benzene.

Vapor Recovery Service

Uni-VR™ composite hose is for use with petroleum and petroleum vapor recovery systems in ship to shore, bottom loading and tank truck applications.

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