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Novaflex® Industrial Hose
Novaflex® Industrial Hose
Novaflex Industrial Hose Products
Offering a complete line of material handling, air, chemical, petroleum, food grade, material handling and mining hoses, steam and water hoses, expansion joints and connectors; available with custom end configurations from built-in lined flanges to beaded ends.

Products are available in a complete range of tube compounds and gauges for added resistance to abrasion, heat and corrosive conditions.

Brands: Novaflex Hose, Uni-chem, Slurry-King

Air and Compressed Gas

Versatile, flexible durable hose to handle air, water and other materials in industries including quarries, mining and construction.

High Temperature

Designed to withstand extreme heat (1000°F) from exterior in open hearth steel mills, etc.

Locomotive & Air Brake Assemblies

Extreme temperature airbrake hose and gaskets to in-line anti-rotational pins for glad hands

Marine Fuel

Marine hoses designed to meet the requirements of J1527 A2, ISO 7840, USCG, NMMA & ABYC fuel fill hose requirements. Also the requirements of SAJ2006 R2 for marine exhaust hose.

Marine Sanitation

Sanitation hoses available for potable water fill, drain lines, holding tank pump-out and bilge discharge.


Extensive range of mining hoses for conveying rock dust from blowing machines, and for mining dust collectors and for roof-bolt drills where cover wear and drag is important. Also for electrical cable protection.Also available, custom material handling hose and large selection of expansion joints.  


Designed for the transfer of commercial gasoline, diesel fuels, oils and other petroleum products including bio-diesel, bio-diesel blends, ethanol and ethanol blends


Specialty hoses suitable for electrical applications.

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