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Novaflex® Industrial Ducting
Novaflex® Industrial Ducting
Novaflex Industrial Duct
Broad range of quality flexible ducting products designed to meet the most demanding applications. Extruded thermo-plastic duct and hose products, using advanced plastics technology, for superior flexibility, high temperature, chemical and abrasion resistance.

Material handling, clean room environments, fume control, welding, exhaust, agriculture, cable conduit as well as many custom OEM applications.

Ultra-high temperature fume control up to 1800ºF, chemical fume control, diesel exhaust and abrasive material handling. General, medium and heavy duty service duct, utility food grade duct.

Brands: Novaflex, U-Lok

Exhaust System Accessories

Novaflex offers a complete line of fitting and accessories for use in exhaust systems.

Food Grade

Flexible ducting for food. pharmaceutical material transfer and clean room applications.

Garage Exhaust / Indoor Fume Control

Novaflex offers a wide range of silicone coated ducting for stationary to constant flexing applications in single and double ply styles.

Silicone - Hot air and vehicular exhaust extraction duct. Economical high temperature exhaust ducting for lower velocity applications up to 500°F.

General Service

Novaflex general service ducts are extremely lightweight, flexible and economical.
Designed for air and dust control, light material handling and fume control applications.

Heavy Duty Service

Novaflex heavy duty service products are designed to handl4ed the more rugged service conditions of abrasive material handling.

Novaflex offers a wide range of thermoplastic rubber and urethane products for heavy duty service.

Medium Duty Fume Control

Ultra flexible lightweight ducts designed specifically for industrial chemical fume control applications

Medium Service

Medium weight flexible ducting products provide additional service life. Suitable for light duty material handling, plant cleanup, fume control and air transfer applications. 

Specialty Fume Control

For superior fume control service, Novaflex offer a range of ultra high performance materials. Even the most noxious fumes can be contained to meet today's stringent health and environmental requirements.

Specialty Metal Tubing/High Temp Fume Control

Novaflex patented Triple Lock construction provides for an air tight seam and added strength.
Metal Flex is ideal for stationary applications where bends are required or need to be maintained. Easy to bend into position and ultra lightweight.

Temperature Loss Protection

Versatile insulated flexible ducting for temperature loss protection. Combine any Novaflex ducting to meet specific needs.

Ultra High Temperature

High temperature service ducting up to 1800°F provide flexible alternatives for ultra high temperature applications. Designed to be used in fume extraction systems where a negative pressure fan can be incorporated downstream from the heat and fum source.

Welding Exhaust/Utility Blower Duct

Welding exhaust ducting, designed specifically for improved indoor air quality. Utility blow duct, designed to carry large volumes of warm or cold air in indoor or outdoor environments. 

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