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HDC Couplers
HDC Couplers
New NovaFlex Hi-Flow Dry-Release™ 'HDC' Coupling
This next generation product range exceeds the performance of every compatible coupling, also referred to as dry break couplings, available today.

State of the art couplings designed to safely transfer the most aggressive and hazardous products. Liquid, chemicals, petro-chemicals, industrial liquids and LPG gas, all with minimum operator intervention.

Drawing on decades of real world application experience, NovaFlex ‘HDC’ couplings optimize every area of function and design to deliver a truly innovative and reliable safety coupling.

All products are compatible
with dry-break couplings and
dry-release couplings, TODO,
Mann-tek, Klaw, Emco
Wheaton and Shand.

Novaflex HDC™ couplers and adapters equipped standard with Viton® seals. Other elastomers available upon request.

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